What is Adobe Muse?
Adobe Muse is a software that allows you to create and publish dynamic websites for desktop and mobile devices that meet the latest web standards — all without writing code. It is available as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud membership.
What is Adobe Muse Template?
Adobe Muse Template is pre-designed Adobe Muse file that helps you to create websites with Adobe Muse much faster and easier. Templates provide design for your websites and are created by professional designers, so you only need to add your own content, such as text or images into the template and your website will be ready in no time. 
What is Adobe Muse Widget?
Adobe Muse Widgets add additional capabilities to your Muse websites. Some features are not available in Adobe Muse software, but can be added with powerful widgets that have been custom coded by our programmers.  
Who can use Adobe Muse Templates and Widgets?
Absolutely everyone. It does not matter if you are an expert or just a beginner at web design and Adobe Muse software. Templates and widgets will help you to create powerful websites much faster and they are very easy to use. 
I have never used Adobe Muse before. Where can I find some tutorials how to use it?
The best place to get started with Adobe Muse and to learn some tricks is Adobe Muse Website.
Can I try your products before buying?
Yes, you can go to Freebies section on our website and download some of our products for free. 
What happens after I buy a Template or Widget?
After the purchase, you will get an access to download your purchased product from our website. You will also receive an invoice email with download link, so you will be able to download your product whenever you want. Download links expire after 3 downloads, but you can always contact us if you’ll need to download the product more than 3 times.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Credit/Debit cards and PayPal. 
Can I use the Templates and Widgets for my client websites?
Yes, you can use all the Templates and Widgets for your Personal or Client websites. 
Are your Templates and Widgets compatible with mobile devices?
Yes, all of our Templates are customized to look great on any screen (desktop, tablet or phone). All the Widgets work great with all the devices as well.