Video Player Widget for Adobe Muse

This widget allows you to add Video Player into your Muse sites. With this player, you will be able to host your own videos and to play them on your websites. Video files can be added to this player by two methods. You can either choose to add video files from your computer, or by simply entering the URL of your hosted videos. Also, you will be able to change colors, size and other options of the player.

    Video Player Options:


  • Enter the unique Widget Name for every Video Player that you want to use on the same Muse Page.
  • Select Video Input Method (External URL or Local File) and add your Video Files into the Player via Selected Method.
  • Use the same Input Method to add the Preview Image. Preview Image will be shown before the video starts playing.
  • Select Video Player options (autoplay, loop, controls).
  • Customize Video Player colors.

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