Progress Bar Widget for Adobe Muse

This widget allows you to add animated Progress Bar(s) into your Muse sites. Progress Bars can be used to beautifully present any kind of data. For example, you can show your website visitors how advanced your skills are. Or present them with a data how progressed you are on the project you are working on.

Adobe Muse Skills:


Progress Bar

Adobe Photoshop Skills:


Progress of my new Project:


    Progress Bar Options:


  • Set Progress size (in percent) and Animation time.
  • Adjust Progress Bar height and width.
  • Choose Progress and background colors.
  • Select whether progress animation should start only when the progress bar is visible by the website visitor, or as soon as your web page loads.
  • Select Tooltip position (top or bottom).
  • Adjust Tooltip corner radius.
  • Choose Tolltip and Tooltip Text colors.
  • Choose Progress animation style.
  • If you chose "Stripes" animation style, then choose two colors for the stripes.

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