Moving Text Widget for Adobe Muse

Moving Text widget allows you to add moving text into your Muse websites. You can use any font, color and size for your text. Moreover, widget options allow you to adjust the speed of movement and stop the text on a mouse click.

Add moving text to your Muse websites!

Click Enabled.

Click to Stop Text.

    Moving Text Options:


  • Enter your Text.
  • Choose Movement Speed.
  • Select Font in Muse Text Panel.
  • Choose Size of the Text.
  • Select Color of the Text.
  • Select whether to Stop Text on Mouse Click.
  • Adjust Width of the Text Frame with your Mouse.
  • If you want to use more than one Moving Text widget on the same Muse page, enter the unique Widget Name into every Moving Text widget.

Click Disabled.

Text doesn't Stop on Click.

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