Responsive Image Gallery Widget for Adobe Muse

This widget allows you to add Responsive Image Gallery into your Muse sites. The gallery is fully customizable and allows you to write the description of each photo, add links, etc. So this widget is perfect for presenting your personal work or projects.

Image Title 1
Image Title 2
Image Title 3
Image Title 4
Image Title 5
Image Title 6
Image Title 7
Image Title 8
Image Title 9
Image Title 10
Image Title 11
Image Title 12


1. Select the number of images that will be displayed in one row and the size of the gap between them. Add your images into the widget and enter their titles, descriptions, links.


There are several ways to add images into the widget. You can choose files from your computer, enter the URLs of the images that are stored on the server, or use both methods at once. The gallery can contain 30 images in total (20 added from your computer and 10 added via URL method).

2. Customize the look of the images thumbnails.

3. Customize the look of the expanded content.

4. Customize the look of the navigation buttons.

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