Cookies Notification Widget for Adobe Muse

This widget allows you to add Notification about Cookies usage on your Muse site. Most websites use cookies to provide the better experience for their visitors. Websites created with Adobe Muse is no exception, so it is advised to notify your website visitors about the cookie usage.

Cookies Notification Examples:

    Cookies Notification Options:


  • Choose Notification Style (Full Width, Custom Width or Animated).
  • Select the position where Notification will appear.
  • Select the time (in days) for how long the same website visitor will not see the notification again, once he accepts the usage of Cookies.
  • If you selected Animated Notification Style, then adjust various animation options. These options will be disabled if you selected another Notification Style.
  • Select Notification Background Color, Opacity, Text Size and Text Font.
  • Enter the Notification text and choose the text color.
  • Enter the text that will work as a link for website visitors that want to learn more about Cookies usage. Add the link to your Privacy Policy page or to some other website about Cookies and select the link colors.
  • Enter the text for Accept Button, customize it's colors and Corner Radius. The notification will be dismissed once your website visitor clicks this button.

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