Audio Trigger Widget for Adobe Muse

This widget allows you to play a sound when your website visitors hover or click any element of your choice in your Muse site. Just assign Graphic Style to any element on your site, enter it to the widget, choose an audio file and adjust some additional options. You can add .mp3, .wav and .ogg audio files to this widget.

Click to Hear the Sound

Click Me!

Hover to Hear the Sound


1. Select any element on your website and assign Graphic Style to it. You can select any State Button, Shape, Image, Text Frame, etc. Enter that Graphic Style name into the widget options.

2. Add your Audio file, choose whether to play sound on Click or on Hover and adjust Sound Fade in and Fade out times.

Can you Hear the Sound?

Move your Mouse away from the Image and the Sound will Fade out.

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